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1. Meet & greet

During a brief 20 minutes intake interview we’ll discuss your wishes and expectations. Appearance, makeup, hair style and most of all, your ideal look will be covered. You’ll get a first advice about what treatment matches you best.


2. What's next?

After the intake you’ll have the choice to book an appointment for:

- A demonstration of your ideal makeup and hair style.

- A ‘OneToOne’ makeup and/or hair styling class, to learn your ideal 

   texture, colour and technique to get to work by yourself.

- A comprehensive, overall program to fulfill your personal needs.


Is your appearance important for your business?

Check out our B2B program.


3. Follow up

After a class or program you’ll get 20 minutes of Follow Up time*. 

These are useful for extra questions and care.

4. Products

Since every face is unique, it's impossible to work with one brand only.

I  constantly school myself to get the best possible product for your

specific condition. As a service, i'll deliver these at your doorstep.


*As of 2, 5 hours of classes or programs, and only available through online media (chat, mail, …)

How does it work?


“Texture and colour choices are the basics

for a successful look.

A clear insight in

shapes and techniques

will  help you to get

the wanted result.”


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Every person is unique and needs a unique approach.

Because of that, fixed prices aren’t possible.


The 30 minutes intake will cost you € 30.

You'll get home with a brief, but on point advice.

Further costs, matching your needs, will be discussed in this first intake interview.

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"Tailormade means

exclusive, unique."

- Invest in your personal growth and get more confidence to step into new job

   opportunities, a new relation or other big changes in your life.

- Embrace a new look: Pure you, but different.

- Give esthetic treatments that extra push and take an extra 10 years off!

- Look inspiring everyday. For yourself, your business and social media.


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