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{moi moi} (kisses) 

Make Up And Hair


MUAH MUAH by Kim Printemps

Tailormade makeup & hairstyling sessions

to boost your présence



MUAH MUAH is the new hangout of Kim Printemps, who’s working over 20 years as a makeup and hairstylist. She is active on photo and film sets of well known Belgian brands and travels the world assigned by international top fashion brands. 

At work as Chief Makeup Artist, teaching  assistants

during the ELITE World contest, China.


© Anthony Ghnassia

“MUAH MUAH is born out of the idea to combine my skills with my passion to care for the person in front of me.


I had the most beautiful people in the world in my makeup chair. They too sometimes have issues with their (gorgeous) self-image.

I want to use these experiences of the life backstage to steer people and help them to feel good about themselves.

To make sure they walk the catwalk of life full of confidence.

In my classes you’ll discover why embracing makeup and hair-care as a daily ritual can work therapeutic, as me-time, to feel radiant and full of energy. Let me guide you in the adventure of the effortless beauty look.”

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How does it work?

1. Meet & Greet

During a brief 30 minutes intake interview we’ll discuss your wishes

and expectations. Appearance, makeup, hair style and most of all, your ideal look will be covered.  You’ll get a first advice about what

treatment matches you best.


2. What's next?

After the intake you’ll have the choice to book an appointment for:

3. Follow up

After a class or program you’ll get 20 minutes of Follow Up time*.  These are useful for extra questions and care.

4. Products

Since every face is unique, it's impossible to work with one brand only. I constantly keep up with innovations and new products to make sure you'll get the best advice .


*As of 2, 5 hours of classes or programs, and only available through online media (chat, mail, …)

A demonstration of your ideal makeup and hair style.

A ‘OneToOne’ makeup and/or hair styling class to learn your ideal texture, colour and technique to get to work by yourself.

A comprehensive, overall program to fulfill your personal needs.

Is your appearance important for your business?

Check out our B2B program.


Every person is unique and needs a unique approach. Because of that, fixed prices aren’t possible.


The 30 minutes intake (Meet & Greet) will cost you € 30.

You'll get home with a brief, but on point advice. Further costs, matching your needs, will be discussed in this first intake interview. This session will be repaid if you book a program (Minimum 1 hour= 90 EUR)



Invest in your personal growth and get more confidence to step into new job opportunities, a new relationship or other big changes in your life.


Tailormade means exclusive, unique.

Look inspiring everyday. For yourself, your business and social media.

Give esthetic treatments that extra push and take an extra 10 years off!

Embrace a new, inspiring look: Pure you, but different.



Leading looks 

You never get a second chance for a first impression. Leading Looks is a session where we reinforce the powerwoman (or man) in you. Invest in extra confidence  to impress in the meeting room,  to talk to the press or to shine at networking events. 

MUAH MUAH also provides services and trainings to lift your (cosmetics) business, inhouse purposes or press demonstrations to a next level.


Become self-assured in front of the lens.

Get the perfect look for database and/or profile pics.

Be always in style with regular updates, following seasons and trends.

Let your team shine, and your business will follow.

“Most people do judge a book by its cover.”

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“In a discreet and casual way,

 we create your me-time.”

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The MUAH MUAH studio is located in Ekeren, Antwerp.


+32 495 88 09 56



Address       Oudstrijderslei 75, 2180 Ekeren.

© 2021 by MUAH MUAH.

Some pictures used on this site are samples out of my commissioned work. Thank you Thømson x Dree, Studio Karolin, Gigue and Sophie Coreynen.



MUAH MUAH by Kim Printemps

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